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My name is György Kõhegyi and I am an entrepreneur from Hungary. I have been dealing and repairing tyres for cars, trucks and agricultural vehicles since 1996.
Since 2002, I have been focusing on making and repairing tyres, called “BAMBUSZ”, for reed harvesting machines.
Bambusz tyres are made for reed harvesting combines mainly, but suitable for any agricultural and heavy vehicles, that are working on high-moisture fields. The tyre holds on watery, tussocky and bumpy terrain, have proper grip, while it does not fracture the roots of the reed. The working-out of the tread pattern is our firms merit and so we have to meet many requirements. The heavy-duty tyre is a basic requisition because of the rough circumstances.
The main component of the tyre is raw rubber with cord fabric.

The making is an intricate, meticulous and time consuming work.
The complete tyre is put on a 24 inch rim, 1,305 meter high and can be made from 600 to 1600 millimeter wide according to the customer.
The utility rights have been registered since 2005, by the Hungarian Patent Office.

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